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Wasaga Beach

There are many beautiful things to photograph in the Wasaga Beach area.

Aerial view of Wasaga Beach

WB10079 '©' mywasgabeach.com
View of the Nottawasa River

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View of the beach and the Wasaga Dome
Beach Area 1

Wasaga Beach is the longest fresh water beach in the world
Aerial View of Wasaga Beach in summer
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Nottawasaga River
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Aerial view of Pedestrian Mall
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Nottawasaga River and Beach Area 1

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Wasaga Beach Area 1
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Aerial view of the beach
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The beach....
Aerial view, Wasaga Beach and Nottawasaga River
Aerial view of Wasaga Beach Marina

Wasaga Beach Area 1 in summer

Summer fun at the beach

The Beach

Summer at the beach

Wasaga Beach, great place to live, work and play!